Robbie Maddison Dirt Bike Rider Is Back In The Game & Will Take Your Breath Away!



Is it a plane?! Is it a rocket?! Is that Superman?! No, that is just Robbie Maddison and there is no fortuitous event that this person has the word distraught in his name. What are you going to witness is one to a great degree crazy video where Robbie Maddison soil bicycle rider flaunts his aptitudes that break the guidelines of material science. Conceived in Australia, Robbie Maddison soil bicycle rider is the world most renowned motorbike stunt rider and a standout amongst the most paid trick superstars as he has earned over $2 million for only a 10 second trick.

Robbie Maddison’s Drop In

Fortunately, we can appreciate more minutes in this video where his capacities are rising at first glance and pushing the points of confinement as he bounced from 374 ft separation. The velocity of his dispatch is around 70 mph and the vertical drop is 185 ft/18 ½, a number that saved this person another page in the Guinness Book of World Records.