Russian Inventor Installs a Jet Engine On An Old Bicycle



Behold a super-fast homemade bicycle. A turbo-powered bicycle invented by a Russian is dubbed a “jet bike”.Igor Negoda has in store an incredible design of a really fast bicycle. Igor even took it for a test run in the Rostov Region last week.

image credit: Игорь Негода 

Igor mounted an 18 kg thruster onto the rear of the bicycle. He also installed some extra features such as a GPS system to gauge the speed.A metre to measure the RPM is also included to gauge the thrust and temperature.

The core kit of the super-fast bicycle has things like batteries and a power radio receiver. Igor also carries a mini-fuel tank in his backpack.When Igor is riding it, the bicycle reached speed of 72 kmph.



During tests on a local highway, Negoda’s jet bike reached speeds of up to 72 km/h (45 mph). Weighing only 18 kilograms, the creation is not much heavier than a regular bike, but requires 550 grams of high-grade kerosene per minute.