Scam Artists REMOLDE Old Tires to Make Them Look Brand New !



Be careful, however, in the event that you are absolutely ignorant regarding tires, on the grounds that obviously, there are trick craftsmen who regroove old tires and offer them as new. By Rohlwing of Fleet Owners, “Regrooving is the act of cutting out the elastic in the scores of a tire to make extra tread profundity, so the tire with 2/32nds of tread mystically gets 4/32nds or more.”


Scambusters says that in spite of the fact that regrooving is lawful, the procedure must be connected to regroovable tires, which were “made only for the trucking and traveler transport industry.” Also, such tires need to consent to the strict norms set by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

To utilize them on private vehicles is illicit, especially in Canada and the United States.

Moreover, it could be truly hazardous; disgracefully regrooved tires might bring about tire victory, slipping, and tread detachment.