Scientist In Miami Can Now Transform A Black Person Into A Caucasian Person



MIAMI – It is being reported that a group of German scientists in Miami have discovered a way to remove the outer dark layer of black people.


A group of highly intelligent German scientists have tested and succeeded in their experiment on a volunteer. 36 year old Kevin East, who was once a black man, is now a white man, thanks to a group of bright scientists. “I was once black, getting shot at by police. Now that’s all gone, my new skin has made me feel more safe.” says Kevin, who shared his darkest past life experiences with racist white people.

The scientists chose to not reveal the exact details on how they were able to remove a black persons skin, but instead briefly explained that they created a chemical which would be placed on the skin and left to dry for 1 hour. The skin would then be easily peeled with little to no pain. The scientists claim that they can change the whole world with their new discovery. The group explained how they are now offering the treatment to any colored person, not only black people. They are offering the service for a fee of only $2,000. The group expects “a ton” of customers very soon.

If you’re tired of getting shot and harassed by cops, now is the time to be white. “It will be the best decision of your life”.

via huzlers