Scorpion Venom, The Most Expensive Liquid In The World!



Scorpion Venom, the most expensive liquid in the world.Scorpion venom costs a staggering 39 million dollars per gallon.

images/text credit: WOWsoAmaze


Scorpions use their venom to kill or paralyze their prey, and as a defense against predators. Us humans well we like to use it to treat things like arthritis and to make anti-venom’s.


But why is it so absurdly expensive?Well it just incredibly hard to obtain, its extracted by electrical stimulation and one yield only produces on average 0.5mgs of venom.


3 grams of venom, or 0.000792516 gallons (assuming density of water here), doesn’t sound like much, but its still $30,000 worth of venom.

Basically if you could somehow extract that much in a day you would have to extract it from way more than a quarter of a million Scorpions.