Shocking Moment Angry Wife Lights Her Hubby’s Hair On Fire At A Bar..!!



THIS is the outrageous moment a woman set her husband’s hair on fire after he annoyed her on a night out.

The CCTV video begins with the couple deep in conversation . The husband can be seen speaking into his wife’s ear as she holds her head in her hands.Just minutes later the unsuspecting man is laughing with other punters sat at the bar as his wife sits next to him smoking.


But the vexed wife then lifts a lighter towards the man’s hair and sparks it against his ponytail.Within seconds the man’s ponytail is engulfed in flames.

But the oblivious husband continue to laugh and joke with the revellers for a few seconds – until one of the drinkers points to the blaze.

Using his bare hands, he frantically pats down the fire while another man offers to help.The furious man then turns to his wife and says something to her before walking away in a temper.