Should Eggs Be Stored In The Fridge? Or Can You Store Them At Room Temperature



Should eggs be stored the fridge? Although fridges come with an egg tray, I read somewhere that putting eggs into the fridge actually makes them degenerate quicker – something to do with the cold and pressure change encouraging air into the shell.


This has been a long time debate many people have been arguing about—should eggs be put inside the refrigerator, or should it be kept in room temperature?


Some believe eggs must be kept in fridge to prevent food poisoning, while others insist room temperature is best.


Experts say if the egg was cracked into a frying pan straight from the fridge and cooked until it looked OK, the yolk would only be blood warm and since the yolks at that time were sometimes contaminated by salmonella, this could be harmful.


The results of our admittedly small-scale but highly scientific test show it seems perfectly OK to keep your Lion-branded eggs outside the fridge. There is no advantage in keeping the eggs refrigerated as opposed to storing them at ambient room temperature.

When bought from the supermarket, best follow what is written on the advice on each egg pack if you should keep them refrigerated or not.