Spontaneous Street Piano and Violin Duet in New York,When They Start To Play Everyone Is Astonished!



YouTube channel Piano Around the World made 125 thousand subscribers on a simple concept – interacting with random people through the power of music.This guy travels around the world, sets up his piano and just rolls with it. Through the years he met and played with hundreds of passers-by but still this girl managed to surprise him.

image/text credit:  Piano Around the World

Dotan asked the young woman if she wanted to play – and she jumped at the chance. But Dotan couldn’t have known he was about to get upstaged in the best way.

As he was preparing for the show, Ada Pasternak, an aspiring musician herself, was in the crows so they struck up a conversation and eventually decided to do an improve together.The woman, called Ada, turned out to be an extraordinary violinist.


Anyone can play an instrument, but very few make the instrument a part of their very being. Once second of Ada’s playing will prove that truth to the fullest extent.The chemistry between them is so incredible, no wonder they sound amazing together.