Stoner Sloth Anti-Drug Campaign



A STONED sloth featured in a new NSW government ad campaign aimed at deterring teens from smoking cannabis has been widely mocked on social media.

The #StonerSloth campaign was one of the top trending topics on Twitter today, prompting NSW Premier Mike Baird to post his own tweet about the ads, labelling them “quite something”.

“Just saw the #StonerSloth ads. Not sure where NSW Gov’s ad guys found Chewbaccas siblings, but those videos are … Quite something,” the post said.

He then quipped that “no sloths were harmed in the making of those #StonerSloth ads”.

The campaign, released with St Vincent’s Alcohol and Drug Information Service, features a stoned sloth in three separate typical teenage scenarios where he is unable to respond when spoken to.

In all three ads, the animal is then called a “stoned sloth” by a peer before featuring the tagline “You’re worse on weed”.

Many took to social media yesterday to mock the advertisements, labelling them “the worst, and most hilarious anti-drug campaign ever” and “so hopelessly bad & hilarious”.

The campaign also has its own website, Facebook and Tumblr page featuring videos, gifs and images warning teenagers against smoking marijuana.

via dailytelegraph