Stop A Migraine In Seconds With One 100% Natural Ingredient






Migraine sufferers are often anxious to rid themselves of the terrible pain characterizing this condition. A migraine is nothing to laugh at; a really bad migraine can pretty much cripple you and take you down for the rest of your day. What’s worse, there are some migraines that can’t be abated with your usual pain killers. So, what’s the next best thing to use? Salt.



How to Use Salt for Instant Migraine Relief

Being acquainted with migraines, I literally have used everything in the past to attempt to stop it.  Migraines are one of those things that simply ruin your life for the day. However, eventually, I did find a method that worked for me!  I am very happy I didn’t have to resort to conventional medicine.

When you use salt to relieve migraines, make sure to use high quality salt such as Himalayan crystal salt. It’s the most complete salt in the world. It contains 84 minerals, electrolytes and elements – a fascinating number considering that there are only 118 elements known to science. This salt helps reduce the severity of migraine headaches, strengthens the immune system, increases energy levels, balances serotonin levels in the bloodstream, restores the body’s alkaline and electrolyte balance and much more.

Also, this method is very easy.

Just take a glass of lemon juice with a high concentration of Himalayan crystal salt and drink it. It works like magic! Start small: the juice from half a lemon and one teaspoon of salt works for most people.

Here are the TOP 3 Headache Home Remedies for you.

Here are the TOP 3 Headache Home Remedies for you.


Has your day been ever ruined by headache due to cold in the recent past? Does headache pester you in the morning after a night of binge drinking? Do you complain of headache after spending long hours in front of your PC?
Headaches are a common occurrence and are of several types. However, tension headache is the most common.

Headache can be due to one reason or a combination of two or more factors. For instance,

• physiological changes in the head
• constriction of blood vessels
• abnormal neuron activities
• migraine
• anxiety and stress
• excessive smoking
• excessive alcohol intake
• caffeine addiction
• genetic factors
• oversleeping
• eye strain
• neck strain
• medical conditions such as hypoglycemia, fever, dental conditions, etc.
• overuse of painkillers
• dehydration
• PMS (Premenstrual syndrome)
• sinus infection
• high altitudes
• meningitis or tumors (rare cases)

It is interesting to note that the brain itself cannot sense pain because it does not have nerves that are sensitive to pain. Thus, the pain originates from the tissues and structures surrounding the brain.

If you are not a pop-a-pill advocate here are some natural and safe home remedies.

Home Remedy 1
• Take a handful of coriander or mint leaves.
• Crush the leaves to extract the juice.
• Apply this juice on the forehead and temples.

Home Remedy 2
• Take equal parts of lemon juice and ginger juice.
• Mix them.
• Drink this juice once or twice.

Home Remedy 3
• Take 1 teaspoon of dry ginger or sonth.
• Mix 2 tablespoons of water.
• Apply this paste on your forehead and temples to relieve the pain.
If you do not have dry ginger, heat ginger paste and then apply. Initially, you might feel a burning sensation, though.

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