Strange Buildings In the Egyptian Desert You’ll Never Guess What They Are



A peculiar structure in the Egyptian desert near Cairo has been generating a lot of speculation online.


Eagle-eyed users of Google’s ever-expanding satellite mapping service have identified a lot of mysterious buildings over the years and this latest discovery, which is situated in the desert to the east of Egypt’s capital city Cairo, is no exception.

qwfqwfqw-min The structure, which has two long pointed sections and is surrounded by six circular features, has prompted a great deal of speculation on social media with Internet users suggesting explanations ranging from a secret military base to something off the set of the next Star Wars movie.

Mysterious Structure 

Their isn’t much known about the buildings, which only adds to the theories that they could be alien structures.


Some have pointed to the possibility of the buildings being used as part of a government conspiracy.

Others have theorized that they actually be part of the movie set for the new Star Wars movie.