Team of Archaeologists Discovered ‘Jesus House’ That Immediately Silences JESUS Doubters



A series of recent archaeological discoveries have shocked historians both Christian and Atheist alike. It was already nearly impossible for Atheists to make the argument that Jesus Christ isn’t the son of God and that position just got even more difficult to justify. From Mad World News: The Christian Post reports that Hutchinson claims that these particular discoveries not only prove that Christ is real, but disprove that He was simply an apocalyptic prophet or a “good man.” “


There was incredible discoveries that were being made in New Testament studies that were just revolutionary,” Hutchinson, a scholar who has spent years in Israel studying the New Testament, told The Christian Post in an interview.

“I found that nobody was talking about this in the media. They were still repeating theories about Jesus and the gospels that are a century old — the idea that Jesus was a deluded fanatic, an apocalyptic prophet who thought the world was going to end in his lifetime.” Perhaps the most vital discovery proving the existence of the Son of God is theossuaries of James and Caiaphas, two of twelve bone boxes uncovered in a burial cave in Jerusalem. The first contains the remains of the man who many believe to be Jesus’ brother James. Of course, the second belongs to the biblical Caiaphas, the ancient high priest and bitter Sadducee enemy of Jesus.

“They are discovering archaeological proof, if it is authentic, then it is the first archaeological proof for Jesus. That’s just really, really exciting that they are coming up with the burial boxes of people mentioned in the New Testament,” Hutchinson said. An incredible discovery that will surely cause a lot of people to re-evaluate where they stand on Christianity as a whole. Many have tried to claim that these biblical figures never existed but yet evidence keeps popping up proving they did. What do you think about this discovery?

Celebrated as Jesus’ home


The house seen here is one of two houses in Nazareth that date to the first century AD. Research reveals that people in the Middle Ages believed that Jesus grew up in this home. Centuries after Jesus’s time the house was decorated with mosaics and a church was built over it. The house was discovered in the 1880’s by the nuns of the Sisters of Nazareth convent. More recently the Nazareth Archaeological Project has been conducting work at the site.

An honored tomb


After the house was abandoned the area was used for quarrying. Then, later in the first century, two tombs were built beside it. The forecourt of the tomb seen here cuts through the abandoned home. Today archaeologists know that this tomb was built sometime after the house was abandoned. However in the Middle Ages people thought that this tomb belonged to Joseph, the husband of the Virgin Mary. It was decorated with mosaics and venerated along with the house.

“Was this the house where Jesus grew up? It is impossible to say on archaeological grounds,” Dark wrote in an article published in the magazine Biblical Archaeology Review. “On the other hand, there is no good archaeological reason why such an identification should be discounted.”