Terrifying Moment Lion Charges at Boy at Zoo, Slams Into Glass Enclosure..OMG



Suddenly, the fearsome animal leaps forward, sprinting towards the child at terrifying speed.As it gets closer, the lion raises its claws, apparently about to strike. But luckily for the young lad he is saved by the reinforced glass screen, the lion crashing head first into the see through barrier with a loud thump.

Lion Tries To Paw Toddler

The toddler turns round at the noise, to see a huge wild animal just inches away from him clawing frantically at the glass. But the minute the boy turns around to look at the camera the feline springs up and runs towards its potential prey.

It’s enormous body slams into the glass as its pounce is foiled, but it appears to writhe around against the wall anyway, perhaps confused by the obstacle.

credit (express,dailymail)