The Cherry Bomb 1968 Camaro With 800 Hp



Check out Cherry Bomb’s ’68 Camaro. This sucker has 800 hp from is LSX 427 engine. And in true Cherry Bomb style, it disturbs the peace everywhere it goes.


A really super cool muscle car! It seems the creators wanted to combine the modern day technology and the sweet 60′s style… and they succeeded.Some of the specifications of this hotrod is a LsX based engine with 800HP.


The interior is manufactured by YearOne with restoration parts, classic instruments’ gauges and custom cerullo seats. The paintjob is amazing – Cherry Bomb red over black with gloss stripes, black powder coated trim and details.


The styling of the 1968 Camaro was very similar to the 1967 design. With the introduction of Astro Ventilation, a fresh-air-inlet system, the side vent windows were deleted.

Side marker lights were added on the front and rear fenders which was a government requirement for all 68 vehicles.