The Human Barbie From The University Of Tennessee



Ashton Clarke, 22, says she loves the ‘fake look’ and sees it as an art formThe Tennessee University student is multi-lingual and applying for a PhDAims to fight stereotypes and ‘stigma in academia against feminine women’

A talented multi-lingual psychology student has spoken out about how she isn’t taken seriously because she loves the fake Barbie look.

Ashton Clarke, 22, is currently a clinical psychology research assistant and student at The University of Tennessee, and hopes to obtain a PhD. She also speaks four languages and is an exhibited artist.


However, despite her accomplishments, Ashton says her fondness for the ‘fake’ look means that she is often underestimated by her peers.


At the age of 16, Ashton gave herself a dramatic makeover and started styling herself like a Barbie doll.

To emulate the look, she dyes her hair blonde, applies fake tan, undergoes lip fillers and wears contouring make-up, false eyelashes, hair extensions and coloured contact lenses, spending nearly $1,000 on maintaining her look.

Although Ashton, from Knoxville, Tennessee, feels happier and more confident as ‘Barbie’, people are quick to judge her on appearance.

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“With make-up, my look is intentional. It’s me. Yet most people will look at me and think I’m an airhead or shallow and materialistic. It’s quite entertaining to be underestimated though. However, when I’m in an academic setting, it’s a little more serious. I always make sure to demonstrate to my professors early on that I’m capable and my make-up hobby does not hinder my ability to do research or write excellent papers. It’s just one of my many interests.”

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