The Lavish Lifestyle of Drug Lord El Chapo’s Children



Gold-plated guns, voluptuous bikini-clad women and big cats are appearing on the social media accounts of Mexican cartel members in a trend thought to be set by the children of fugitive El Chapo,

In an effort to compete for the title of Narco King of Instagram, Mexico’s most powerful narcos have taken to social media to show off their lavish tastes.

Posting under the hashtags #narcos and #narcostyle, top cartel members flash their enormous wealth over Instagram and Twitter, uploading outrageous pictures which attract hundreds of both adoring and hate-filled comments.

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Showing off: A bikini-clad woman poses next to a tiger (left) and Alfredo Guzmán, the son of El Chapo, the current boss of the Sinaloa Cartel, posted this picture of his lion cub and his Bentley (right)


Women flock to the narcos – here three bikini-clad ladies pictured on a quad bike are treated to a day’s fun at Sinaloa beach in Mazatlán.

The Lavish Lifestyle of Drug Lord El Chapo’s Children



Flashy: Private planes and the latest cars are the supposed perks of the narco lifestyle. Such planes in particular are used to smuggle narcotics north of the border (left). Ivan Guzman posted a picture of his gold-plated AK-47 in his Ferrari (right)


The Instagram competition for the most luxurious lifestyle has prompted users from around the world to tag their posts with #narcostyle



The leaders of Antrax, the militarized wing of the Sinaloa Cartel, have raised its profile among the Instagram community – the skull signet ring denotes membership of the armed faction (left). A tiger cub and high denomination bank notes are used to show off wealth (right)

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