The Magnificent 3,200 Year Old Giant Tree – Sequoia in a Snowstorm



You may think you’ve seen big trees, but until you see “The President”, you’ll have no idea what “BIG” means.


We can talk diameter and we can talk height, but when numbers are this huge you start to lose grasp with what they represent.


The President tree is the name of a giant sequoia located in the Giant Forest of Sequoia National Park in the United States, east of Visalia, California.


It is not the tallest giant sequoia tree in the world with a height of about (75 m), nor the widest at about (8.2 m) in diameter at the base, but it is the third largest tree in the world


Measured by volume of trunk, and the oldest known living sequoia, about 3,200 years old.

As of 2012, the volume of its trunk measured at about 45,000 cubic feet (1,300 m3), with an additional 9,000 cubic feet (250 m3) of branches.

VIANational Geographic