The Most Hated Guy On Instagram. His Photos Will Make You Hate Him Too



Instagram is an amazing place. You get to see some awesome photos shared by people who want to show the world what they see. But on the flip side, you also have to deal with people who have the camera pointed towards themselves. Yes, narcissism is the word that comes to mind, but come on, there’s a little bit of that in almost all of us. We too like to show off, sometimes. But there’s a line between sharing a selfie or what you’re having for lunch and being a total douche. The line that separates the normal from the… whatever this is.


Meet Travers Beynon, who calls himself ‘the Candyman’ and runs the Instagram account candyshopmansion .  Following the footsteps of pop-culture icons like the apparently immortal Hugh Hefner and fellow Instagram celebrity Dan Bilzerian , this Australian millionaire and tobacco tycoon is currently setting Instagram on fire, and by fire I mean online hate.

By the way, his caption for the image above is – Be different, Be yourself…never let them change you!!!

…even if you’re a leather clad arch, right?

But you might be wondering why this author is being mean to this poor rich guy? He seems pretty harmless, right?

His caption – There’s a time to play…and there’s a time to work! WORK HARD, WORK HARDER, ACHIEVE, CELEBRATE…..REPEAT!!!


As long as you don’t repeat this shirt, dude.


He’s even 10ft tall, or at least according to this photo he uploaded.

You see, in rich douche world, facts don’t matter.


But that still does not justify all the negativity against him, does it?

But wait, what’s this? Are those women on leash made from bikini strings?


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