The Mysterious “Leprechaun” Mummy of Wyoming



Native American tribes were best known to tell tales of legendary “tiny people,” “little spirits”, or the “Nimerigar.”

According to them, these small people had amazing magical powers, that’s said to be healing powers. In other tale versions,the little creatures were known as enemies of the Native Americans and they attacked them with poisoned arrows.


The tales of these creatures became more prominent when two gold hunters within the San Pedro Mountains in Wyoming unexpectedly found a small cavern that’s buried deep within a thick rock.

The gold hunters checked the cavern and they shockingly discovered a well-preserved remains of a tiny human creature. They called it Pedro.


When Pedro got discovered, Scientists and theorists took advantage of its remains to further know the origin of the said tiny human., Invasive testing and X-rays were conducted. There are some anthropologists who initially tested and tried to unlock the origin of the remains. Their tests led them to a conclusion that the said remains were those of an infant that was most likely born prematurely or died shortly right after birth.


However,Another set of scientists testified that the remains is from an adult which is 16-65 years in age. X-rays revealed that the remains have sharp teeth, and presence of food in the stomach that appeared to be raw meat. The x-rays also suggested that Pedro died a gruesome death due to broken bones, ruined spine and broken skull.