The Mystery Behind The Two-Headed Giant From Patagonia



Kap Dwa is an ancient, mummified two headed Patagonian giant that originally originated in the jungles of Argentina, South America.The creature’s legend begins in 1673, where the giant of over 12 feet with two heads, was captured by Spanish sailors and set captive on their ship.(


It appears that his mummified remains ended up in England in 19th century. For some time, his remains were in possession of Edwardian Horror Circuit and several freak show attractions. Finally, his remains were brought to Weston’s Birnbeck Pier in 1914. For the next 45 years, his remains were on display in North Somerset, England.


His famous creations were known as gaffs, (the result of rogue taxidermy), offering the world creatures straight out of legends and fiction, shaped by patching together the preserved corpses of various animals emerging into what he would name as the jackalope, dragons, chimeras, or even unicorns.(


The remains of a two headed giant puzzled everyone


After being displayed the next 45 years in North Somerset, England, old Kap Dwa was acquired by Thomas Howard in 1959, and following a few more hand-offs he ultimately ended up in Baltimore.

Nowadays, he can still be found among the collection of oddities at Bob’s Side Show at The Antique Man Ltd. in Baltimore, owned by Robert Gerber and his wife.