The Secret Rooms On Planes That Only The Crew Know About



Airplanes are a result of modern engineering and they come equipped with all sorts of high-tech computers, enough seats to accommodate a small army and the luxurious business class.

Apparently, many commercial aircrafts come equipped with hidden rooms that are reserved exclusively for flight attendants and pilots. They might not have a lot of space, but any day better than a seat in coach.

It might sound crazy, but it is right above our heads!


For example, the rest area on a Boeing 777 looks like this! It is small, but it is definitely cozy for a break on a crowded flight, right?


On the Airbus A350, the crew’s area is a little more noticeable. It is basically situated in the back of the plane, it hangs down above some of the passengers’ heads.


 Secret Rooms On Planes

Pilots are even given their own private quarters, as well, where they get to enjoy a bunk, reclining chair, and a sink for freshening up. WOW!


The flight attendants aren’t stealing any space that could have been used to make you comfortable! Their rest areas aren’t exactly luxurious as your seats.


The beds are six feet long and two-and-a-half feet wide. Really makes you appreciate your break room, doesn’t it?


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