The Sidewinding Circular Skates , Futuristic Skateboard



It appears not possible, however it works: skating is genre, wherever the table is deleted, to bank solely on the wheels…Who doesn’t think about the notable hoverboard from Back to the longer term, observing this new and distinctive invention? indeed it’s not a skateboard, it nor fanciful floating table while not wheels visible in varied scenes of this cult motion picture, however the questionable Sidewinding Circular Skates, a brand new idea of skating will while not the board, to bank solely on the wheels .

But we see, in detail, what this original invention. These explicit “shoes circular”, created by the yankee Hammacher Schlemmer, work just by leaning to at least one facet and moving “like a snake”, pushing forward the pilots with a motion almost like a skateboard longboard. However, not like the longboard, shoes work while not having to allow a push to the bottom, however merely golf shot your feet on the 2 platforms will support up to two hundred pounds in weight, users will simply perform the rotating wheels.

via youtube