The Story Of The De Loys’ Ape – Spider Monkey Or Uknown Hominid?



De Loys’ Ape, given the proposed scientific names Ameranthropoides loysi and Ateles loysi, is an alleged large primate reported by Swiss geological explorer François de Loys in South America.


image credit: wikipedia

The only evidence for the animal besides de Loys’ testimony is one photograph. It was promoted by George Montandon as a previously unknown species, but is now usually considered a misidentification of a spider monkey species or a hoax.


image credit:personal-umich

According to de Loys’ later report, in 1920, while camped near the Tarra River, two large creatures approached the group. Initially, de Loys thought they were bears, but then noted that they were monkey-like, holding onto shrubs and branches.


The animal in the photography showed characteristics that are not found in the monkeys of the new world, like the upright posture, the absence of a tail, but especially the extraordinary size.

They posed the creature by seating it on a crate and propping a stick under its chin. After taking a single photograph, de Loys reported, they skinned the creature, intending to keep its hide and skull. Both items were later abandoned by the troubled expedition.

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