The Tiny Home Built By A Bad-Ass Single Mom



When Kelley Lewis was left on her own as a single mom to raise three young children, she was determined to still achieve the dreams she had in mind for her family – including a lakeside cabin for weekends and getaways.

images/text credit: Seeker Stories 


Picking up tips from YouTube videos along the way, she’s installed insulation, a wood burning stove, and built a composting toilet in the bathroom all on her own.


Using almost all recyclable materials, Kelly Lewis managed to build her family a new shelter whilst joining the ranks of the Tiny House Movement.


In Going Off Grid, Laura Ling examines how more Americans are choosing to live a more sustainable, simple lifestyle.

There is a composting toilet featured inside as well as a wood-burning stove. There was some work to putting it all together, but the final result looks great!

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