These Are The 6 Coolest Swimming Pools In The World



There’s a difference between loving to swim in a carefully-crafted and safe swimming pool at your home or going into nature and finding yourself hanging off the edge of the world’s largest waterfall. These 10 pools are amazing, but not for the faint-hearted.

1.Golden Nugget – Las Vegas, Nevada


If you’re a fan of sharks or just a thrill-seeker in general, then this pool is for you. Known as one of the scariest in the world, you can take a dip alongside sharks and other sea creatures. This pool cost almost $30 million to complete and includes a three-story waterslide that runs through the middle tank.

2.Bandra Ohm Tower balcony pools – Mumbai, India


This pool is 37 stories high and is, plainly put, insane. We suggest a “no diving” policy.

3.Sky Habitat Swimmable Bridge – Singapore, Singapore


A swimming pool, that is 38 stories high, connects two luxury apartment blocks. You best practice your fastest length ever if you’re going to swim in this pool.

4.The Devils Pool – Victoria Falls, South Africa


It’s a pool perched on the edge of the world’s largest waterfall with only a stone wall between the two. It’s only useable when the water level drops…unless you want to plummet down the waterfall to an untimely death, that is.

5.Holiday Inn – Shanghai, China


In this pool, you’re 100 meters in the air in a glass-bottom pool. It’s a risky swim for sure, but if you’re interested in showing off your new bikini to the people of Shanghai, then this pool is perfect.

6.The Library Blood-Red Pool – Koh Samui, Thailand


Before you start worrying about the dye that is used to make this weird pool red, the color actually comes from the red, orange, and yellow tiles from which the pool is made. Yet another reason to visit Thailand!

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