These Belgian Super Cows Will Blow Your Mind..They Are Totally Ripped



For many years, numerous books and movies have featured an archetypical mad scientist trying to create the ultimate super-being, only to make a monster instead. You can always see it coming, but they, in all their blind ambition, do not.

So who do we talk to about these super-cows before it’s too late? Sure, they might not be “super,” per se, but they’re not exactly normal. And while it doesn’t seem like they’re planning world domination, they’re definitely up to something.

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On the left is a regular cow. On the right is a Belgian Blue cow.


Beginning in 1808, Belgian Blues have been selectively bred to produce these meaty creatures.


They eventually grow to have hyper-lean muscle without the use of steroids.

The Belgian Blue Cattle Race


They look and act like regular cows…just a bit beefier.

The Belgian Blue Cattle Race