These Dancers Left Everyone Speechless With Their Mesmerising Dance



Shenea Booth and Nicolas Besnard are two world-renowned acrobats and their special skills are translated into this act in perfect harmony. Your breath is taken away when you watch how they move and you’re inevitably led to emotion, grace, poetry.


 We could say that this number of acrobatics is simply poetry in motion. Nicolas Besnard and Shenea Booth form the “Duo MainTenant” group. Nicolas studied more acrobatic movements in Cirque du Soleil and Shenea was twice world champion in acrobatic gymnastics.

Mesmerising Dance

In this clip, Shenea and Nicolas came together to combine their unique and original acrobatic dance skills in an exceptional artistic performance. It’s impressive how the movements of the two slide, float, and then exalt in majestic acrobatics. As we mentioned, poetry and sensuality are mingled with physical performance.

Some of the extreme positions of balance we have never thought they would be possible. As if they’re defying the law of gravity at times. With these acrobatics, the two manage to impress the audience that rewards them with standing ovations.

credit (dailyvitamin)