These Fishermen Go Swimming With Monstrous Tiger Sharks After Catching 10 Of Them



Two fishermen caught ten huge tiger sharks during a four-day fishing trip, as “plenty more” lurked menacingly in the water only feet from shore.

Josh Butterworth and Jethro Bonnitcha, from Esperance, Australia, caught ten monstrous sharks last week in the waters off Carnarvon beach.

The pair used kayaks to set the baited lines around 100 yards from the shore, before reeling in the apex predators — some of which were over 16 feet long — from the sand.

Jethro Bonnitcha holds a large tiger shark’s tail as it thrashes around in the water after he and his fishing partner Josh Butterworth landed ten sharks on a four-day fishing trip on the West Australian north coast.


The anglers don’t use any mechanical equipment to haul the massive predators to shore once they see them thrashing near the bait, relying only on drag and brute strength to land the catch.


“Tiger sharks aren’t the worst. They come up and say hello but aren’t that dangerous.

You just don’t want to see a pointer like down south.”


Butterworth (left) said they caught two simultaneously and almost had three on the go when another shark took the bait as they both had their hands full reeling in another catch.


Butterworth captured images of the large sharks on the sand before he and his fishing companion (pictured) released them back into the water.

The experiences fisherman said he would enter the water after reeling a shark to shore, but he argued it was a different story when going for a swim or when paddling the bait out.

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