These Two Beautiful Twins And A Harp Give A Whole New Sound To Metallica



If you remove all the shouting, heavy metal has a lot in common with classical music. Both genres are renowned for their emotional, sweeping arrangements, and each requires a great deal of skill to master. Don’t believe me? Maybe this reimagined take on Metallica’s classic single “One” will change your mind.

2 Girls 1 Harp (Harp Twins)

The cover, performed by YouTube sensations Camille and Kennerly, is a haunting reimagining of this metalhead favorite. Showcasing the complicated rhythm and dark melody of the song, Camille and Kennerly take this mosh pit favorite and turn it into something that wouldn’t sound out of place at a church. It may not leave you wanting to buy a leather jacket and feather your hair, but it might just change your perception of the often overlooked heavy metal genre.