They Found An Elephant Pressing His Head Against The Tree To Stop The Pain. What He’s Just Been Through..!!



Zimbabwe is home to beautiful national parks where you can observe countless wild animals from afar. But one day, the workers from one of these parks were startled to see an unfamiliar elephant trampling through the grasslands.


The gamekeepers kept their eyes on him for a while and eventually noticed something strange on his forehead.It would appear he was shot by poachers who were trying to get their hands on his ivory tusks. He must’ve managed to make an escape into the park.


The gamekeepers contacted a vet to come assess the damage. At first, the elephant tried to run away when the vet got nearer, but they managed to administer a tranquilizer using a dart gun.Once the massive elephant went under, the vets got to work. They immediately saw the problem


They managed to remove the bullet and a piece of the elephant’s damaged skull.

Afterwards, they cleaned his wound and gave him an elephant-sized dose of antibiotics.


They quickly realized how lucky this elephant had been; had the bullet gone just a few millimeters deeper, he could’ve died.


Thankfully the gamekeepers were observant enough to notice something was off and contacted the vet straight away.


His rescuers dubbed the elephant “Pretty Boy.” When he awoke from anesthesia, Pretty Boy had quite the headache and began repeatedly pressing his head against a tree.