They Thought They Discovered A Strange Looking Snake. Then They Realize WHY It Looks So Odd…



A gathering of untamed life picture takers unearthed an African Rock Python subsequent to listening to an uproarious tumult from a group of close-by Impala. The snake was simply starting its feast when they arrived. They could barely trust their eyes when the reptile began to gulp down an Impala calf. They caught the strange procedure as the snake isolated its jaws to fit the monstrous dinner in its mouth. Specialists assert that they snake could go up to a year prior to its next supper subsequent to eating a creature of this size.

African Rock Python

The acid in the python’s stomach will break everything from this impala down, including hooves and horns. Digestion of such a big meal may take weeks, during which the snake will be more vulnerable to predators. But after such a meal this snake might not need to feed again for up to a year.