This Ancient Book Is Written In A Language No One Has Ever Seen.



Despite what your teachers may tell your, our knowledge of history is incomplete at best. The truth is that large portions humanity’s story are missing altogether, and that’s what makes something like the Voynich manuscript so incredibly fascinating.

This mysterious text, believed to have been written some time in the early 15th century, is written in a language no one has ever seen before, or since. On top of that, it’s full of illustrations of plants and animals that have never existed, at least not according to any known scientific records.

Is it a remnant from a lost chapter of our history, a record from another world, or something more?

The book was first brought to the attention of modern scholars by Wilfred Voynich, a Polish book dealer who acquired the text in 1912.


Voynich became obsessed with discovering the origins of the manuscript, which was written in a language neither he nor anyone else had ever seen before.


The 240-page text is written left-to-right, and features hundreds of inexplicable illustrations.


The pages have been carbon-dated to the early 15th century, probably sometime between 1404–1438.


The book is believed to have been made somewhere in what is now northern Italy.


There are hundreds of theories surrounding the manuscript’s language. Some believe that it’s simply a familiar European tongue rendered incomprehensible by a cipher that has yet to be found.


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