This Car Was Crushed And Flattened By A Shipping Container,How The Passengers Survived..!!



his Car Was Crushed And Flattened By A Shipping Container, How The Passengers Survived Is A Miracle. I’ve seen some terrible/brutal crashes in my time but this is just off the charts!


It was not so long ago when we posted an article about two buses pinning and crushing down a car in Philippines while the driver miraculously survived the horrifying event. But what if a shipping container dropped into a car, do you think some will survive?

According to the report, the truck swerved to avoid another and the huge metal box disengaged and flattened the unsuspecting car behind.


Two people were inside the car when the incident happened in Qingdao China. Miraculously the unnamed male and female trapped in the car survived.

At first, firefighters didn’t expected any survivor in the horrific incident since it was flattened by the shipping container.


Local fire brigade spokesman Chi Tang said, “We didn’t expect anybody to be alive but then we heard a woman’s voice and realized that actually somebody had survived.”


When they’re about to clean up the mess after the emergency services arrived, they saw a woman reaching out the window and gave a “thumbs up” sign.

They immediately began to work to free her and the man with her.


They’ve used a 100 tonne crane and lifted the container carefully off the top of the car.

Tang said. “It was an incredible scene when we pulled the woman out and found that she was almost unhurt apart from cuts and bruises.”


While the man was needed to be cut out of the crumpled car and was hospitalized along with the truck driver who had minor injuries.