This Dog Is A Master Lobster Fisherman



Alex Schulze is the cofounder of Devoted to the Ocean, a beach jewelry and apparel company. He’s always been an avid beachgoer, swimmer and diver. This video shows that his dogs are no exception. Schulze trained his black labrador, Lila, to dive off a boat and catch a live lobster. Sure enough, when he spots one crawling around on the ocean floor, Lila jumps off the boat without hesitation and comes up with a fresh live rock lobster!

Schulze trained Lila to dive for lobsters by using a PVC pipe toy that she liked in the pool. He first had her retrieve it from the first step of the pool stairs just to get accustomed to sticking her head underwater. Eventually, he progressed to the second and third stairs as she got more and more comfortable. He progressed gradually from there until she was used to diving underneath and having to locate the toy and resurface. From there, the transition to rock lobsters (which have much smaller claws that aren’t as dangerous as their cousins in Maine) was pretty straightforward.

via wimp