This Guy Builds World’s Largest NERF Gun!



Remember when your mom told you that one day you’d outgrow NERF guns? That might be true for some of us, but not one former NASA engineer.

Not only did he not outgrow NERF guns, the NERF guns outgrew him! At least, one did. He just had to build it himself.

The bigger and better Nerf dart gun, or “blaster,” was created by former NASA engineer Mark Rober and two other engineers identified as Ryan and David. Rober, who worked nine years for NASA, is now showing off his engineering skills on YouTube.


The Nerf gun—which, yes, is technically not an actual Nerf gun—is seen in the video shooting a “dart” that breaks a glass window. Impressive, but also scary, right? Although one has to admit the drawbacks of the four-foot-tall gun: You just can’t run away from people while lugging that around.

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