This Guy Holds The Guinness World Records For Most Flesh Tunnels In His Face..!!!



This fellow has the world record right now since he has the most tissue passages in his face. This is a well and really unbelievable sight and it is an inconceivable sight. He has every one of them over his face and he even has them in his nose and his lips.

The two biggest ones that he has are in his cheeks and right now they measure more than 34mm. He has expressed that he began his dependence on substance burrows at 13 years old and following the time when then he has been adding to his “gathering”.

Most flesh tunnels (face)

This truly is a video that you have to see since it will clear you out on the grounds that it is not at all like anything that you have ever seen some time recently. Why not watch it for yourself today to see what he can do. You will love it!