This Guy Melts Soda Cans To Create A Beautiful Sword..



Youtuber Grant Thompson thought of this astounding video to demonstrate to dissolve pop jars. This foundry is a unique configuration, which comes following quite a while of testing, and more than 10 distinct models. The usefulness is established on thoughts he gathered while hunting the web down various heater outlines.

This is certainly justified regardless of the cash for security reasons.There are heaps of off lattice and homesteading utilizes for a hand crafted metal foundry like this.

The Mini Metal Foundry

Charcoal foundries can reach temperatures in excess of 1,000ºC, which is well above the melting point of hobbyists. This project should only be attempted with adequate knowledge and training, proper protective safety gear, and in a fire resistant area with adequate ventilation.

The sparks flying from the foundry can ignite fires, and the fumes from burning dross can be toxic. Use caution and common sense. Use of this video content is at your own risk.