This Guy Was Filming A Nice Aerial Shot With His Drone, Then Accidentally Gets In The Shot Something Strange…



A couple were spotted by a drone operator who was capturing footage of the Borisogleb Monastery bell tower.It is unclear how long the pair had been on top of the house of worship prior to being caught out by the snooping drone.The bizarre footage shows the duo are completely unaware of the presence of the quadcopter while doing it in broad daylight. Later in the video a third tourists emerges from the stairs leading up to the bell tower. Up until that point the amorous pair appeared completely oblivious to the world around them but are seen scrambling to their feet.

Drone Aerial Shot

They try and hide what they are doing and split up while attempting to cover their modesty. The video concludes with some awkward footage of the trio standing at the top of the monastery. I wonder if the third tourist realized what went on.

SOURCEAli Kurtoğlu