This Guy’s Reaction To Girlfriend Falling From Cliff Has Caused Outrage



Deciding what to do in a split second as your girlfriend is falling from a cliff can’t be easy, but the people of the Internet are not pleased with how this guy reacted in the situation.
Footage has gone viral of the moment a couple were on the edge of a high cliff preparing to jump into the clear blue water below.

As the girl in a bikini tried to position herself for the huge leap, she lost her footing on the rock and began to fall over the edge.The unnamed girl naturally reached out and tried to cling on to her boyfriend’s ankle for support – but he pulled his leg away.

The video was uploaded to Reddit and people are really pissed off with the guy’s actions – or lack of.

Others pointed out that if the guy didn’t think he could have stopped his girlfriend from falling, he should have tried to push her further out to avoid her hitting the rocks on the way down.

SOURCEViral Vidos1