This Is Not An Ordinary Greenhouse Its 20 Feet Below The Ocean..!



The use of the underwater environments potentials to grow plants in a sustainable and ecological way. Exploring the possibility to give countries with harsh or impossible conditions for agricolture an option to water and soil. This project involves theories and ideas never though of before.


Sergio Gamberini was somewhere on the sandy beaches of Italy when he was struck with the unusual idea of trying to operate a greenhouse 20 feet under the ocean’s surface.


Granted the idea originally comes across as little more than something a stoned oceanography major would day-dream about in their dorm room; four years later, Nemo’s Garden has become the world’s first underwater greenhouse.


Designed to grow beans, strawberries, basil and lettuce, the five biospheres are anchored to the ocean floor and maintain a temperature of 26°C(79°F) at 83% humidity.

Though the first two years of the project were a constant battle with the ocean’s harsh undercurrent, as Sergio’s son, Luca Gamberini tells the Washington Post, “We completely lost the crops four times, but it didn’t really matter because we have such great growth rates.” Today the underwater domes are sturdy and fully operational.