This Is The Fox 7.631 And It’s The Fastest Electric Vehlice In The World



ou’ve seen the videos of people trying out the Tesla Model S P90D’s “Ludicrous Mode” acceleration system…in case you haven’t, here’s a brief rundown: the driver hits a couple of buttons, buries his foot and the impact of all 713 ft/lbs of torque causes the otherwise unwitting passengers to spew out expletives faster than that time you jammed your pinky toe against something.

That’s the beauty of an electric vehicle, one no gas motor can duplicate well: all of the torque, all at once. If you think that’s the perfect recipe for a dragster, you’re thinking along the same lines that the Latvian crew behind the Electric Fox dragster do. With the goal of running a sub-7 second quarter in sight, they’re aiming pretty high, but they’re also getting closer and closer.

Electric Fox 7.631

The Electric Fox uses six electric motors that together, provide 1,367 horsepower and 1593 ft/lbs of torque. That 7.631@171.02 MPH run set the European Electric Vehicle record, which puts them only three-tenths behind the world record, and they’re hoping that this Fox will run north of 200 miles an hour soon.  Check out some of the runs that these guys have made at the Tierp Arena in Sweden…the noise that it makes isn’t the usual ultra-violence of a Top Fueler, but there is something sinister about the noise during burnout. It sounds like you’re way too close to a transformer, doesn’t it?