This Is What You Call PERFECT DANCE ..



In case you’re an enthusiast of astounding move schedules, you must see this video.The video, “Hand to hand act by Valeriy and Yulia 745,” which was transferred to YouTube in 2011, flaunts the one of a kind move stylings of Valeriy and Yulia.Valeriy and Yulia are a move group from the Ukraine.

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Through their elegant, yet gymnastic choreography, Valeriy and Yulia perform numerous stunning deeds, for example, an exercise in careful control where Valeriy equalizations Yulia on one hand and after that on his neck.Internet clients have delighted in the pair’s gifts more than 2 million times on YouTube.User bansribb entireties up the general accord of all who have viewed the video.

Hand to hand act by Valeriy & Yulia

”There are no words to clarify how staggering this is. However, my god it is truly mind blowing. Some of those lifts are unlimited, and these folks are both awesome artists in their own particular right as well. Amazing.”