This Machine Destroys Everything



This Death Machine Destroys EVERYTHING. Today, we can’t resist the urge to go thinking about something else. At first look, this machine doesn’t look like anything strange, however as we continue watching we can’t resist the urge to be stunned. This contraption from JWC Environmental has thought of a very oversimplified creation that will pulverize anything and on numerous occasions, greater and more solid things are tossed in with the general mish-mash.

It comes to the heart of the matter where this minor machine is sucking in a whole sofa. We would prefer not to witness what might if the client figured out how to get a finger stuck in there. Look at the machine in real life in the agonizingly 90s video underneath as it crushes everything in its way. Envision if this thing were based on a greater scale for carport use. The conceivable outcomes would be huge!

via youtube