This Man Feeds Crocodile Like a Puppy



Seeing a crocodile from afar can make your body tremble what more if you’re within its reach. Crocodiles are considered as one of the most notorious fresh water animals that can eat you alive in just a span of seconds.

This astonishing video shows how brave this man is, while feeding a crocodile personally like a dog. Whoa! I even left speechless after watching this.

It shows the man, who is not wearing any shoes, entice the large reptile out of a muddy river by dangling some fish its way. This fearless Costa Rican boy must have a deep knowledge of crocodiles and their movements since no one would be so foolish to do something like this. At first he is holding a fish in both hands as bait; he tried splashing the water to call the attention of his friend after a few minutes the crocodile move out the water. He began feeding the crocodile like a pet.

The footage was uploaded by user Forest who filmed the video in 2011 when he was studying in Costa Rica.

via youtube