This Man Finds CREEPY Woman Living In The Vents Of HIS Apartment! WOW



A man kept finding food missing in his apartment! He asked his girlfriend about it, and she had no idea! He decided to set up a hidden nightvision camera to record his kitchen at night! What he found is incredibly creepy!

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At about midnight, a woman crawls out of the vents in his apartment and starts to go through his food! She hides when she hears some noise, and when she is done she crawls back up into the vent!

The moment he saw the footage he immediately left his apartment and called the police who showed up minutes after and arrested the uninvited guest.

When asked about how he thinks his unwelcome guest got in his apartment, he said that she could have gotten in through a window beside his apartment complex’s fire escape.

The police also told him they believe the girl lived in there for at least a couple weeks, although it could have been longer.