This Man Trained Bees to Make Honey From Cannabis!



Yes, cannahoney please.The man who calls himself Nicholas Trainer-honey bees is getting to be something of a legend among both beekeepers and cannabis enthusiasts.That’s on account of he’s possessed the capacity to do what numerous have discussed, yet nobody has possessed the capacity to really pull off.

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Nicholas is a 39 year old man who lives in France. Notwithstanding being a beekeeper, a craftsman, and a locksmith, he’s likewise a straightforward supporter of marijuana.For the previous couple of years, he’s been attempting to make sense of how to consolidate his affection for cannabis with his adoration for bees.And now, it would seem that he’s made sense of it. He figured out how to prepare his honey bees to make nectar in the wake of social event tar from cannabis plants.

Bees Making Weed Honey

Look at the video of his honey bees rushing to some decent delicious cannabis flowers.”I have prepared honey bees to do a few things, for example, gather sugar from organic products, rather than utilizing blossoms,” Nicholas said. “The point emerged for me to get the honey bees to acquire this resin.”By utilizing what he calls “a preparation strategy whereby the honey bees gather the sap and utilize it in the apiary,” Nicholas and his honey bees have made the world’s first clump of “cannahoney.”