This Orangutan Knows Exactly How Things Work..!



Excited tourist poses for photos with orangutans before one of the sleazy apes wraps his arms around this woman’s chest.

In the video, a woman can be seen sitting on a bench in the ‘Jungle Walk’ section of the park and preparing to snap a photo with two very friendly orangutans. The two apes pull cheesy grins for the photograph – one of them cheekily placing his hand on her chest as she poses.

Cheeky Orangutan

She then stands up and, after being directed by staff to put her arms up, the orangutan wraps his arms around her waist. The ape then grasps both of her bre*sts and flashes a playful grin for the camera. The woman bursts into laughter before walking away from the two orangutans and rejoining her friends.

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