This Ostrich Was Stuck In Freezing Waters, But This Guy Saved The Day



At the Pittsburgh Zoo, creatures are accustomed to being gazed at. All things considered, it goes with the job. In any case, from time to time, something peculiar happens that makes them blow a gasket a tad bit. Whether it’s a reverse discharges auto or an enthusiastic guest, a few things simply send our creature companions over the edge.For this ostrich, the subsequent emergency made it run headlong into the solidifying stream that experiences its natural surroundings.

The poor thing required help, so this zookeeper took the polar plunge.It turned out to be clear before long that their lousy metal bar wasn’t going to do anything, so it’s likely great that this zookeeper wasn’t above making the plunge. I have an inclination that this ostrich won’t be going for a swim again at any point in the near future.

via youtube