This Pick-Pocketer Thief Realizes Too Late There’s A Surveillance Camera..!



He’s been caught red-handed but it was too late to turn back.He tried to steal money from the woman’s purse but got busted by the security cam.

The clip shows a line of people waiting for a service, a woman then suddenly rushes to the front of the line and talks to the counter person. The two guys behind her, one was wearing black and the other wearing a gray jacket can be seen checking her out from the back.

Surveillance Camera..!!

Calmly, the guy in gray picks a wallet from the woman’s bag and steals cash inside, but at least he returned the wallet back. After checking around, the pick-pocketer realized there was a security camera hovering just above them. He didn’t seemed bothered though, he asked for a cigarette from his company and went away.

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