This Pit Bull Is Called “The Hulk”,And He Is The Biggest Pit Bull In The World..!



This pitbull may look like a lovable animal, but he is also packing some serious muscle. He weighs over 173lbs and he looks to be nearly triple the size of your average dog. Some say that he is the result of cross breeding; others say that he is a monster from the canine family, either way, Hulk is a seriously cool dog.


Raised by his loving family, he plays, eats and does all the stuff that a normal dog does, except he is bigger, stronger and unbelievably heavy!

Pit Bull Called “Hulk,” 175-Pound Dog Walks NYC

Watch the video and see for yourself, you won’t believe your eyes and this is something that you will never be able to erase from your memory. On his hind legs, he is the size of a fully grown man, unbelievable for a Pitbull! Wow!